Design Process


Our Design & Development Programs are comprised of four phases.

These phases can be supplemented with the addition of user interface design, packaging concepts, trade show models, or other items in our design services menu.

Phase 1: Connect • Focus


In order to optimize the Design Process, we always want to connect with every member of our Client’s Development Team.

Understanding their vision, their priorities and their goals is essential to their project’s success, so we enthusiastically welcome their input at all levels.

Together with the client team, we we will fully define the project parameters in terms of the product’s technology, its function and its value to the customer. Scenarios and sequences of your new product’s use will be scripted. A review of all existing component layouts, breadboards and mock-ups will serve to further educate us re: your new product and it’s current state of development.

Having this knowledge will provide us the proper focus to begin to envision a range of solutions which will guide the evolution of your new product.


Phase 2: Explore • Develop


Through collaborative brainstorming with the Client Team, and in-house design and engineering conferencing, we will explore an array of viable design solutions.

Although we are early in the development process – considerations re: market compatibility, ergonomics, product aesthetics and production processes will contribute to our decision making.

Competitive and related products will be studied and evaluated.  Rough volume studies may be of use in this phase. Client participation in this phase is welcomed, as we take these design options and develop them further.

Illustrations and CAD models will be used for review and critique. They will help us narrow the field of concepts, with only the strongest candidates moving into the next development phase for your new product.


Phase 3: Refine • Define


In this phase we will refine details of the preferred design option(s), which may include features from more than one of the concepts from the previous phase.

At this point – our focus will become more granular.

We will evaluate each concept’s ability to fill user needs and meet our client’s vision for product ‘personality’ and aesthetics.

Color scheme(s), textures and product graphics will be addressed here as well.

The team will again use digital illustrations and CAD models to assist in decision-making.

The goal of this phase is to fully define every physical feature of our final design, and its ability to enhance each user’s experience with your new product.


Phase 4: Build • Produce


Our final phase of the Design Process involves the physical realization of the chosen final design.

To begin, we will engineer every product part and assembly, and specify manufacturing methods, materials and surface finishes. From there, we will build an aesthetic model or a functioning prototype. This model/prototype will be reviewed for approval, and fine-tuned if necessary.

Product graphics and branding will also be finalized.

 With our mechanical design and engineering completed and checked, we will release the database to vendors for tooling and production quotations – and together, we will use their feedback to select a manufacturer to produce your new product.


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